Our manufacturing accelerator has already been providing industrial support to start-ups and innovative companies for 7 years. This has been made possible thanks to the work of our teams and a very specific way of working that allows us to offer you the best possible support.

We’ll tell you a little more about it.

The accelerator within large groups

To better understand our activity, it is important to give a brief history of Axandus.

Our accelerator was created in 2014 in Lyon, more precisely in Beynost, by the EFI Automotive group, a partner in tomorrow’s sustainable and intelligent mobility, and an automotive equipment manufacturer (sensorsactuators, intelligent modules and embedded systemswith a view to diversifying and supporting start-ups and innovative companies in their product developmentsourcing and industrialization issues.

The company Sercel, a leader in seismic acquisition equipment (instrumentation in harsh environments, monitoring instruments, etc.) of the CGG group joined the adventure in 2017. We have therefore also set up our accelerator in Nantes, in Carquefou, within Sercel’s headquarters.

So, our two sites give Axandus a significant geographical reach. This national coverage allows us to be as close as possible to our customers.

Sercel and EFI

Two sites to provide you quality industrial support  

Our two entities now share a single name and also apply the same methods of support to our clients. This is essential in order to ensure a consistent level of service within our respective offices.

In addition to a working methodwe share common values such as: 

  • Caring with an industrial eye,
  • The desire to offer support focused on solving challenges 
  • Agility and pragmatism in proposing solutions.

Indeed, our teams offer personalized support depending on the issues or the stage the project is at. Find out about our different possibilities on our “manufacturing acceleration” page.

In addition, our Axandus teams can count on the experience and pro-activity of their respective industrial groups to bring your projects to fruition!

Both groups, EFI Automotive and Sercel, have gathered years of experience in their fields and strong skills. Our Axandus teams can take advantage of this know-how any time for you!

“The power of an industrial group, the agility of a start-up”

Notilo Plus’s testimony

A strong complementarity between the teams for a successful industrial support!

On the other hand, coming from two large industrial groups with different expertise, our teams at Axandus Nantes and Lyon have learned to complement each otherWe combine our strengths and put them to work for your projects. This complementarity gives our clients the opportunity to benefit from the skills of each team, regardless of their geographical location. To make this possible, we exchange information daily via videoconferenceThese regular meetings allow us to discuss new projects and, sometimes, to direct our clients to the best suited team that in order to meet their needs.

Our skills enable us to cover many fields of application, the main ones being: 

  • Automotive,
  • Smart agriculture,
  • Energy and the environment,
  • Connected objects,
  • Mobility/transportation,
  • Drones and robotics,
  • Monitoring of structures and infrastructures,

And many more!

Communication teams working hand in hand  

In addition to our decision-making and technical teams, our communication teams also work in symbiosis. Indeed, regular updates are made in order to disseminate information internally, but also to keep the website and social networks of the accelerator alive, so that you are always aware of the latest news and the type of support we are able to provide.

To sum up, Axandus is a manufacturing accelerator specializing in mechatronicswith two teamseach with their own experience and supported by a major industrial group. The entities work hand in hand to offer you the support you need!

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