startup gain efficiency
Start-ups: Boost your efficiency through project management

As a start-upper, every day is a new challenge. You have a new product, new suppliers, new clients – everything is new. If you want to keep your head above…

startup think preproduction
Start-ups: eliminating risk through pre-production

You’ve come up with a POC (Proof Of Concept) and then a prototype. You’ve done your market research and you’ve produced your first prototypes with a view towards series production….

Startup prototype support
Prototypes: essential for start-ups with big ambitions

We’re all familiar with the concept of the prototype…or are we? There are prototypes and then there are prototypes. Misunderstood and often ignored, industrial prototypes are essential for any start-up…

Poc startup accompagnement
POC: A must for industrial start-ups

We all know time is money. However, too much haste can lead to costly errors, making it important to spend time on your POC, or Proof of Concept. Quicker and more cost-effective than developing a prototype, this is an essential stage in the validation of your project.

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