Industrial support
Industrial support: Axandus structured to help you

Our manufacturing accelerator has already been providing industrial support to start-ups and innovative companies for 7 years. This has been made possible thanks to the work of our teams and…

ITW_Denis Faure
Start-up project manager – Expert interview with Denis Faure

There are many jobs in the industry, and all of them require a certain expertise. Today we meet Denis, start-up project manager.

startup gain efficiency
Start-ups: Boost your efficiency through project management

As a start-upper, every day is a new challenge. You have a new product, new suppliers, new clients – everything is new. If you want to keep your head above…

startup think preproduction
Start-ups: eliminating risk through pre-production

You’ve come up with a POC (Proof Of Concept) and then a prototype. You’ve done your market research and you’ve produced your first prototypes with a view towards series production….

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