First contact

The key to successful support is to get off to a good start and diagnose what already exists! Initial discussions are therefore essential. They enable us to understand your values and needs, as well as your strategic choices, such as make or buy. This type of strategy needs to be asserted as early as possible in the design phase, in order to guide your choices as effectively as possible.

Handshake between two people.

You need to industrialize your product, but you don’t have the skills in your team or you don’t have enough time to do it. So you call AXANDUS to carry out a diagnosis of the existing situation: a good idea!

What do I need to industrialize my product?

Before you can analyze your needs, you have to be able to express them! This step can be more complex than it seems! Indeed, for project leaders who don’t work in an industrial environment, this can be a tricky task. But don’t panic! The first phase of our support consists in assessing your needs and putting them into words. AXANDUS will ask you precise questions and guide you in your answers. This work may seem tedious for a novice. Be prepared to spend time on these steps! They are crucial to your project. They determine the focus of your work and the actions to be taken.

In some cases, you just don’t have the answers. Let’s find out together how to get them!

Take, for example, your cost estimate (i.e. the cost of raw materials + the cost of labor, and other expenses related to the production of your finished product): What is it? Is it compatible with your design choices?

You’ve designed a mechanical part that’s easy to produce with a 3D printer: perfect for your POC (Proof Of Concept), your prototypes or your first series. Now you need to produce it in large quantities. What’s your budget? Which suppliers can produce this part? Will they be using traditional machines, or is the design such that specific operations will be required? If so, should we redesign the part to simplify its manufacture and thus reduce its cost?

Once again, our aim is not to answer your questions for you, but rather to provide you with the answers you need, based on your requirements and market constraints. Our strong industrial experience and our vast network of partners and suppliers will enable you to objectify these different issues.

And now it’s your turn!

As you can see, all these questions are designed to help you gain a better understanding of this industrial theme.

The definition of the industrial strategy (see specific article) is the culmination of this process.

Ultimately, the decisions are yours. This phase should provide fuel for your thinking, and enable you to gather the data you need to make the right decision. So you can make an well-informed choice!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us!

The cherry on the cake: this diagnostic phase may be eligible for the “Diagnostic Amorçage Industriel” offered by our partner BPI – find out more!